🛒 Keto Deal Shopping (Complaint Dept)

I’m all about deal shopping and getting the absolute MOST for my money or the BEST savings on anything I order online, and I always try to share the best deals with you too. 🔎 But not everything is as good a deal as it might seem!

I really should have written this note sooner, but we did discuss it on Facebook here when the first note came out at least. I’m referring to the “Price Increase” email from Perfect Keto where they recommend their Subscribe & Save option to lock in the current prices as long as you’re subscribed for automatic shipments. ⚠ I don’t (recommend that) and I’m not doing it myself.

📧 You might have gotten that email too?

Perfect Keto Price Increase

This doesn’t seem like a good deal to me, and the timing is terrible in my opinion. I wasn’t happy when I got the first email last week, or the reminder email this morning.

They want you to set up Subscribe & Save to lock in current prices before they go up tomorrow. But that does NOT seem like a smart move. 🤔 Why? Mainly because 1) Black Friday sales are coming up soon!! 👀 but also because 2) You can’t use discount codes with Subscribe & Save orders. 🚫

📌 I did find out that the price increase will be about 10% site-wide. I also found out the next big sale (it’s a good one!!) will be soon – and I’ll have a link for you to get the Black Friday sale prices earlier than everyone else. 😉

This wouldn’t be such a big deal except that I use their unflavored collagen powder daily in my first morning coffee, and use their original keto bars often as a meal replacement – and especially on the go – so I’m a regular customer.

If you are as well, today is the last day to make this decision.

And I don’t want you to have any regrets! Note: you can always cancel an order before it ships, or cancel a Subscribe & Save autoship order anytime.

I personally ONLY buy what I want during sales or with special offers. I don’t feel like a 10% price increase is enough incentive to make me subscribe to ONLY get 15% off the products I use regularly.

I always get a WAY better deal by waiting on sales, then stocking up until the next one.

I just stocked up on their Perfect Keto bars almost half off using this secret “build your own bundle” 45% off page 📲 for example. I also got 2 tubs of the unflavored collagen powder I use during their last 25% off sale… to hold me over until the Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales.

That’s way cheaper than Subscribe & Save!

Here’s my unboxing video of those last two orders. Both GREAT deals:

I use their original Almond Butter Brownie bars a lot as a meal replacement, and they have a great shelf life, so I STOCK UP anytime I catch them almost half off like that. This time I ordered enough to get a free brownie mix with my order too!

Best Deal on Perfect Keto Bars November 2021

The only flavors they have left on the 20-45% off page right now are:

* Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip
* Cinnamon Roll
* Banana Bread
* Salted Caramel
* Almond Butter Brownie

I may actually go back and order 4 more boxes before they take that page down. The PB chocolate chip bars are REALLY popular, but my personal favorite is the Almond Butter Brownie. 🍫 I eat that most days in place of breakfast and/or lunch, then have a nice dinner.

When the bars are cheap like that… I STOCK UP lol. 💯❣ But that 45% off deal made them only $1.83 each, and that’s just hard to beat for a meal replacement bar – that actually holds me over (unlike most bars).

This is the link to the secret deal page for bars (it isn’t on their website anywhere):
Perfect Keto Bars 45% Off “Build Your Own Bundle” Secret Page

I have a link for 15% off (a better deal if you’re only going to order 1 box of bars, or anything else) or you can use my LOWCARBTRAVELER discount code at checkout for 15% off too: https://perfectketo.com/lynnterry That link should automatically apply a 15% off discount for you.

But I would WAIT until the next big sale! ✋ Unless you’re getting at least 4 boxes of bars. The next sale is going to be GREAT week after next, and a good opportunity for us to stock up on all our favorites at the LOWEST prices. 🛍

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, and whether you were torn on whether to set up Subscribe & Save if you use certain Perfect Keto products regularly like I do.

As for me, I’m holding off. I’ll shop the upcoming Black Friday sale and stock up. I feel like that’s the best choice and the better savings. Don’t you agree?

I personally wish they would have waited until after the holidays, or the week leading up to the New Year – or at least until after their Black Friday sale. I feel like a lot of people are going to feel like they overpaid, with what might have SEEMED like a good deal.

I get that a lot of companies are struggling with supply chain issues, shipping, and even with packaging. That’s why some things are out of stock, even when they have actual product (because they can’t package it to ship out). So I understand prices going up. It’s happening everywhere.

I’ve decided to go ahead and stock up on what I use this month – their keto protein bars for 45% off, then my collagen etc during the Black Friday sale. All their products have a great shelf life, so that’s the best thing to do right now. 🤷‍♀️

I’m scouting deals everywhere right now, like on Amazon’s Early Black Friday Deals too, and getting what I want & need while I can. I got new pillows for 40% off last week! 😊 I’m all about my deals, so I’ll keep you posted on what I find…

I don’t do full price. 🙃👎

Let me know if you can’t find something you want, or need a discount code for certain products I probably have one! You can leave a comment on my blog, or message me anytime – on Instagram, Facebook or by email.

I found Ketologie Vanilla Shake Mix on Amazon (before it sold out there TOO), and ChocZero peppermint squares AND dark chocolate peanut butter cups 🥰 – which haven’t been available at the ChocZero website lately.

Oh – one last note! …

Did you get the most recent Keto Krate BOGO Deal for the September and November boxes? Some people said they got two of the SAME box (two September Krates) instead of two different boxes. 🤔

If that happened to you, it was a mistake – so definitely contact support.

Speaking of, they’re going to be offering a NEW two-for-one (2 box) deal later this month, so I’ll let you know as soon as I have all the details on what’s in those boxes. 😉

You can unsubscribe after you sign up for those deals, then only order (again) when there’s another special offer or BOGO. 🎁 That’s what a lot of people do. I’ve been getting their box monthly for over 5 years and love it, but it’s totally fine to just get it now and then as a special treat too!

I hope this note helps you decide what’s right for you if you’re also a Perfect Keto customer and weren’t sure what to make of the options.

All of the companies I work with have GREAT customer service and happiness guarantees, so don’t ever hesitate to reach out if you get the wrong product, your order is messed up – or even if you get a product you don’t like!

Have you had a bad experience with a keto company lately, or ended up with products you DON’T like? I’d love to hear about it! Leave a comment and let’s share our thoughts with each other.

My biggest concern about that Perfect Keto email was the timing, and on you NOT getting the best deal – considering they’ll have such a good Black Friday sale week after next.

And we’ll get early access! I’ll let you know as soon as that goes live…

It’s GORGEOUS here in Tennessee today, so I’m going to wrap this up so I can get outdoors and enjoy it. But I’ll be back with my next low carb food diary and some EASY recipes you’ll love. 🙂

I hope you’re having a great day! 🌞

Lynn Terry
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. You can also create your own low carb variety box with lots of different brands & products, including single PerfectKeto bars from Netrition. It won’t be as cheap as getting the bars 45% off here, but you can hand pick ALL KINDS of keto products at Netrition.

Netrition sells SINGLES of a lot of our favorite brands & products, and usually has things in stock when you can’t find them anywhere else. I’ve been ordering from them around 10 years, and it’s always a great experience! Here’s a list of some of my favorites at Netrition including the Mountain Berry Sugar Free Preserves. 😍

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