Keto Challenge Weigh-In & Goals

Happy Monday! ❄ Did you sign up for the Free 30-Day Keto Kickstart Program and get a chance to check it out? I did get signed up but I’m a little behind – so if you’re just getting started, it’s not too late to sign up and join us!

✍ You’ll want to note your starting weight for the challenge. You can do that in MyFitnessPal or whichever app you use to track your meals and progress, on paper if you prefer, or for Group Accountability – in the Starting Weigh-In Post in our private Facebook group.

It’s also ideal to take body measurements too, as your body composition will change often more than your actual weight. Some people lose inches and drop sizes without seeing much movement on the scale at all – which can be discouraging, but it really shouldn’t be! 😉

Personally I find a “before picture” to be the best motivator, because I can often SEE changes in a series of progress pictures even when I don’t see much movement on the scale, or don’t FEEL like anything is happening. Have you noticed that too? 🧐

2021 Keto Challenge

Here is the Starting Weigh-In Post on Facebook (private) or you can comment here on this post if you prefer to follow along here instead of Facebook.

Just leave a comment with your starting weight (or you can keep that in your private diary if you prefer) and your goals. I would love to hear WHY you want to lose weight or eat very low carb consistently…

What motivates you?!

My daughter came home to stay for awhile, and she’s joining us for the challenge. Her motivation is to lose weight and get in shape, which was exactly what motivated me to get started almost 10 years ago. That… plus inspiring her. 🙂 I’ll have to share that story with you!

Once I started losing weight and kept eating low carb consistently, I noticed A LOT of other benefits too though. I felt better, had more energy, and all of a sudden I had more mobility and was out of chronic nerve & muscle pain.

I discovered that carbs and sugar promote inflammation in the body, so that made perfect sense, as my chronic pain was the result of a back injury. Who knew?! So that’s MY motivation, and has been for years now: to enjoy a fun active lifestyle doing ALL the things I couldn’t do before. 🤸‍♀️

I would love to hear YOUR why…

I’m glad my daughter is here – because I haven’t been well, which has been really hard at home alone and in isolation. I went to the hospital this morning to get set up with a heart monitor (which is why I’m late getting this note out to you today). I’ll be wearing that for a few days to see exactly what’s going on with my heart. While it FEELS scary, the good news is that my last ekg and labs showed no heart damage and no infection, and it could be that it’s simply inflamed and over stimulated from the post-viral syndrome.🤞 (blah blah blah lol – the short story is: I’m exhausted and not feeling very well, but hoping it resolves itself soon!)

I’m also glad she’s here and starting the challenge with us because watching her get started has reminded me of all the questions you have in the beginning, and just how simple it can really be.

Our first conversation about it was a gentle correction that’s it’s not “a diet” – it’s just simple changes to the way you eat, or the foods you choose when you eat. Changes that will make you both healthier AND happier. 💕

The weight loss is a GREAT benefit though, right?! 😉

My advice to her starting out, is the same advice my mother gave to me: eat as much as you want or need to feel both physically and emotionally satisfied – as long as you stay around or under 20 net carbs a day. It’s okay to snack the first week – this is not about feeling deprived or doing without.

You don’t want to be too hard on yourself starting out (or starting back). The key is to keep (low carb) foods and snacks on hand that you ENJOY and to just let your body adjust. By week two you’ll have less appetite and settle into more “intuitive eating” naturally.

It’s been interesting to see what she picks to eat. She boiled 9 eggs for example and loves snacking on those if she just feels a little hungry. Such an easy thing to grab and eat – smart! Stay tuned and I’ll share more about her journey and her meals, as well as mine – for ideas and inspiration.

Here’s to a great 2021 year together 🙂 *cheers*

Lynn Terry
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. This Free Keto Kickstart Program is hosted by Perfect Keto, which is where I get the unflavored collagen powder I use daily. I also use their bars and love their low carb peanut butter cookies. If you decide to order anything from Perfect Keto, my discount code is LOWCARBTRAVELER for 15% off – just add that code at checkout for the savings. 💕

They just came out with a brand new Banana Bread Keto Bar, by the way. 😉

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