Are You Still on Track – or Struggling? Keto Weight Loss Goals…

I read two REALLY SAD stories today, and wanted to share those with you for inspiration & motivation – and also check in on you.

How are you doing so far this holiday season? Still on track, or totally off the rails & struggling?

Let’s talk! I’m happy to help any way I can. Starting with this video, then see the two stories below the video (or read those while you listen in)…

Click here to watch the video:

One of these stories was shared as a comment by a woman I enjoy following on Instagram, and the other was shared in a private Facebook Group that I enjoy – but I’m leaving out names & details for privacy purposes.

I Fell Off Track Last Thanksgiving & Gained ALL My Weight Back (Plus Some!) 😥

“I worked sooooo hard, lost 25lb in 5 months before the holidays in 2018, then fell off track before Thanksgiving, never recovered, and gained it aalllllll back…. PLUS an extra 5lb!!! 😭 It took me until June to get motivated to start again. The most frustrating thing was, I was trying to lose weight for our Hawaii trip this past May, and I ended up being at my heaviest weight when we went. 😩 But…. I’m now going strong at 137 days with NO CHEATS AT ALL!!!! And I managed to have a keto Thanksgiving! Thanks for all your inspiration and tips, it definitely helps!!!😘

I Spent Most Of This Year Undoing The Damage Done Thru Last Years Holidays 🤦‍♀️

“I refuse to do what I did last year. Last year Thanksgiving turned into 2 weeks, that ran into Christmas and that all turned into several weeks of poor eating choices, and I gained 23 pounds. So I spent most of this year undoing the damage done thru last years holidays. Not this year… this year Thanksgiving and Christmas are only 1 day each, thats it, so I am back on track TODAY!”

How to Navigate Holidays & Social Events Gracefully on a Keto Diet

Staying On Track? Struggle With Sweets? Let’s Talk!

This does NOT have to be your story!

Watch the video above, and if you’re derailed or off track at the moment… just start back right here: KETO REBOOT and take control of your health & weight loss goals! 😉

How are things going with YOU?

I’m here if you want to chat, or just share how your holidays are going – how your keto weight loss goals are going, or ANYthing you’re struggling with or have questions about. Or your WINS – share those too! 🙂


Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

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