Positive Weight Loss Mindset ❤ Monday Mini Challenge – Join Us!

My ultimate goal is to get you OFF a diet and relaxed into a happy, healthy low carb lifestyle you ENJOY. 🙂 With GREAT weight loss as a result, of course!

Is that even possible??

Yes, it is totally possible – I promise. ❤

It took ME entirely too long to achieve that myself, so I want to fast-track you past all the usual hurdles. Most of which you’ve probably already experienced, or may even be struggling with now.

It’s time to make your keto life EASY!

Are you with me?

Ready for less stress and better results?

Good. 🙂 Let’s get started…

Positive Weight Loss Mindset Keto Challenge

When: 5-Day Keto Mini Challenge

We are starting together as a group on Monday November 11th and working on this together through Friday November 15th.

If you start late, that’s fine – as long as you challenge yourself on the points outlined below for 5 straight days.

Where: 90DayLowCarbChallenge.com

If you received this note by email, you’re good to go. ✔

If not, just sign up for the challenge at 90DayLowCarbChallenge.com and join our FUN Facebook Group there too if you haven’t already.

If you’re not on Facebook, that’s totally okay. You can follow along here, and get notified of updates by email.

Positive Weight Loss Mindset Keto Mini-Challenge

So what are we going to do exactly?

I want to make this mini-challenge SIMPLE, but I do want you to challenge yourself on ALL of these points. Or at least the ONE point that causes you the most stress & frustration.

Just for 5 consecutive days. That’s it!

What do you have to lose, right? A few pounds maybe, some bloating and/or inflammation, feelings of frustration perhaps, but other than that: absolutely nothing.

It’s just 5 short days – a little experiment to see what may just happen, or what you might discover this week that you hadn’t realized or been aware of before. 🙂

The Challenge Commitment

First, if you didn’t do the Keto Restart Mini-Challenge – start there. If you did, CONTINUE that (or start it again) along WITH this week’s challenge.

The goal is to build on new habits as we go, making small positive changes that bring you great (and FAST!) results.

So you’ll continue eating 20 net carbs max (or total carbs if that’s your choice) every day, you’ll continue tracking your meals & macros – and now we’re going to add on a simple layer of positive mindset, awareness & accountability.

Since it’s 5 days, let’s do 5 points for this challenge…

You can keep it simple and choose the ONE point that causes you the most stress, or tends to frustrate you most – and often derails you from your health & weight loss goals.

1. Scale Stress: Do you weigh yourself often and get stressed or discouraged when the scales don’t move at all, or your weight just fluctuates slightly?

Fact: weight loss is not linear. There are a lot of factors at play with your “weight” (that number on the scale) at any given time. Examples include hormone cycles (yes, even for men), sleep quality, stress levels – among other things.

Your overall body composition which includes bone density, water, lean muscle mass and body fat is constantly changing. Your scale only shows you ONE number, but trust that your body is making changes and adjustments – and needs it’s time to do that.

Just commit to BEING HEALTHY and EATING HEALTHY. Your body will have no choice but to follow suit. 😉

It’s time to let go of your obsession with a “goal weight” and start focusing on a GOAL LIFE instead!

I say that because… I was totally wrong about MY goal weight, and am now actively working on GAINING muscle weight and focused on having a healthy body.

Also: track your weight weekly in your weight loss app, or somewhere. The first 4 months of this year I kept saying “my weight has just stayed the same.” But when I *looked* in my tracker – I’d lost almost 10 pounds!

2. Do you go off plan (or binge eat) when you get stressed or upset?

I struggled terribly with emotional eating and even binge eating when life was hard – for YEARS. Grief is the worst of course. We all go through hard times and loss, and even the all-too-common bad days…

But ask yourself this: Has any food, or any amount of food, ever REALLY helped anything at all? Has it ever resolved a problem? Has it ever made you feel better, even? Or did it just make you feel WORSE?

Start taking note of WHEN you feel like going off the rails, why, and if you do: how that FEELS. Is it part of the solution, or adding to the problem?

3. Is mindless eating a problem? Do you ever find yourself eating out of boredom or habit when you’re not even hungry?

Stop doing that. 😉

(lol) – I know, easier said than done!

Your challenge this week is to REMOVE any “within reach” snacks that you usually reach for. If you keep things on your coffee table or in your work desk, put those somewhere else.

Habits are hard to break, but the EASIEST way to stop doing things without thinking is to FORCE yourself to think by creating a REDIRECT.

If you move your go-to snacks, when you go to reach for it and it’s not there (and you actually have to get up and go get it) it will give you opportunity to pause and ask yourself: “Am I really hungry?” – and if you are, can you wait until the next meal?

Move or remove all “mindless eating” snacks or foods from their usual places, and force yourself to think twice instead of grab & munch out of sheer habit.

4. Lacking motivation & discipline?

You will have the LEAST motivation and self-discipline when you are not actively making any effort at all.

It’s a catch 22, I know. But you literally have to kick-start it yourself.

COMMIT (not “I’ll try” but “I’ll DO“) to the 5-Day Keto Reboot and watch that motivation kick in FOR you like magic. 😉

5. It’s hard for me, because…

We all have our reasons. Maybe you travel a lot or eat out a lot (like me). Maybe you have a busy lifestyle and do NOT have time for meal prep (like me). Maybe you don’t cook (like me).

Maybe you have health issues that make weight loss difficult. I get that. I went through 16 months of hormone therapy and surgery & recovery my second year on keto. But I continued eating low carb for my health. Because NOT doing that would mean FAST weight GAIN.

Putting weight loss aside and focusing on what will be healthiest for your body AND make you feel your best is a great mindset.

Maybe you’re sharing your meals & kitchen with a family that eats off-plan foods. Figure out a way to MAKE it work. YOU matter too in your home and in your family.

We all have unique challenges. Figure out what yours is, or what you find most challenging, and start working on solutions – instead of accepting it as a reason to fail.

* * * * *

The challenge this week is to pay attention to your mindset… what are you thinking, how are you feeling, and WHY. How does that serve you?

Your mind can (and will) rationalize anything in it’s favor. Your mission this week is to NOT be led by fickle thoughts or emotions but to stop, take note, redirect – and make very deliberate choices.

You never know what you might learn about yourself this week! 😉

For example, I discovered every time I thought I was “treating myself” – I was actually treating myself badly. It was self-sabotage in disguise, and it was a constant yo-yo source of stress until I finally addressed it and decided to treat myself GOOD.

What will happen in 5 short days?

If you aren’t already in ketosis, you will be by the end of this mini challenge, combined with the Keto Reboot you’re starting – or continuing from last week.

You will feel IN CONTROL and on a mission, which feels GREAT.

You will no longer be a victim of habits and feelings and circumstances. You will be IN CHARGE of your own life.

As you start feeling more EMPOWERED, motivation and self-discipline will become EASY. 🙂

You’ll learn something new about yourself.

Here’s to an amazing week together! ♥

I cannot wait to hear what you discover… and most of all: what you MASTER during this mini-challenge!

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. If you aren’t already a part of our Low Carb Challenge Facebook Group, you’ll find the link on this page: http://www.90DayLowCarbChallenge.com (but you don’t have to commit to 90 days for these FUN year-end mini challenges!) 😉



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