Example: Tracking Keto Macros

Tracking meals & keto macros is part of our keto mini challenge this week, so I thought it would be helpful to give you a live example.

The Benefits of Tracking Keto Macros

In addition to staying around or below 20 net/total carbs per day, tracking your meals & macros allows you to easily identify any potential culprits that could be affecting your weight loss or causing certain symptoms.

I use the MyFitnessPal app (the free version) and this is how I have it set up to track net carbs. The net carbs column only shows up online (not on the mobile app), so on mobile I just subtract fiber from total carbs to get my “net carbs” number.

It also has areas to log your weight, track how much water you’re drinking, log your exercise – and it even syncs with Fitbit and other services to give you a bigger picture of your overall progress.

Macro Tracking is incredibly helpful for identifying “problem foods” and culprits, but the biggest benefit for me personally is mindful eating and making more mindful food choices. Especially when I log before I make/order the meal. 😉

It definitely helps me (a lot!) to track as I go, and before I eat (meaning: before I make or order a meal even!) so I can be accountable to ending the day on point.

Some people prefer the Carbmanager app. I’ve heard good things about that one too.

Live Example: Tracking Keto Macros

I had a beautiful keto breakfast meal for lunch on Saturday, with a lot of fun variety. 🍳🥓🍓🥑☕ I ordered 3 fried eggs over medium, half an avocado, 2 orders of bacon and a bowl of berries (strawberries & blueberries only, please). 😍 Delicious!

Macro Tracking Keto Restaurant Meals

Simple whole foods, very low carb, lots of color & flavor variety and good nutrients to fuel my day. 😉

I don’t normally eat a big breakfast like that, but this was actually a late lunch around 1:30pm and my first meal of the day. And it was delicious!

I ordered a la carte from the options down the middle of the menu at the Cumberland Biscuit Company – a great little local restaurant downtown where I met a friend.

Ordering Keto at Restaurants

This meal logged as 619 calories, 7 net carbs, 15 total carbs, 72% fat and 35 grams of protein. 📊

I don’t normally eat 1/4 cup of blueberries. I enjoy those more in moderation, usually half that amount at most. But this being my first big meal of the day as a late lunch, it fit in to my day just fine.

Here’s how I logged this meal in MyFitnessPal:

Tracking Keto MyFitnessPal Net Carbs

See “keto macros made easy” – you’ll see how I get net carbs in the free version of MFP on that page too. ✔

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I hope that proves helpful.

As you can see, with restaurant meals, even big salads with a variety of foods on one plate, I log each food individually (instead of trying to “log a meal”).

With restaurant orders, if they don’t publish nutrition facts, or if I modify my order from the menu, I use my “best guess” on the amounts of each food portion.

I’ve gotten good at eyeballing portion sizes from weighing/measuring foods at home. 😉

I use a small, convenient Ozeri Kitchen Scale, which is super helpful for macro tracking!

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During this mini-challenge we’re keeping it SUPER SIMPLE and just focusing on staying committed to 20 net or total carbs per day – period.

But a BIG question a lot of people have is whether you should limit protein, or whether too much protein can be a bad thing (the answer is: no).

See: How Much Protein Should You Eat?

That post ^ also includes 5 Keto Food Diary Examples with LCHF Macros so you can see even more of my live examples of keto meal tracking in MyFitnessPal.

Do you track your meals & macronutrients, and if so: which app do you use? 👀

If you have any questions about keto macro tracking, leave a comment & let me know!

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. If you aren’t already a part of our Low Carb Challenge Facebook Group, you’ll find the link on this page: http://www.90DayLowCarbChallenge.com (but you don’t have to commit to 90 days for these FUN year-end mini challenges!) 😉


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