Danielle F.

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I was diagnosed with petit mal seizures at age 14. Now 40, I am a group fitness and pilates instructor in Kansas. In an effort to help control my seizures, I started taking Depakote. In order to manage the weight gain associated with this drug, I did high intensity exercise and running. This also served to lessen my anxiety and improve my depression as well, or so it seemed. Quickly, my seizures became worse.

In the past year, I went gluten-free and low-carb, and I find myself in better health than I ever was under any drug. I’ve coupled this with lifestyle modifications that include doing more pilates, and my quality of life has drastically improved!  I bounce back from seizures faster, there is less pain after, and overall my anxiety and depression is much more manageable. It’s all thanks to these lifestyle modifications.

-Danielle F.

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