The Perfect LCHF Keto Nut: Pili Nuts With A Purpose (Beware Knock-Off Brands!)

I’ve been talking about this big beautiful buttery nut for quite some time – a couple of years maybe? I’m referring to Pili Nuts, the perfect “keto nut” and more specifically from Pili Hunters (for a reason, a few reasons actually).

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I figured it was high time I told you WHY and also share some of the fun ways I like to use them in my low carb lifestyle, and in my kitchen! 😉

Pili Nuts - Perfect LCHF Snack

They are the lowest carb, highest fat, most nutrient rich nut you can get! The original Coconut Oil & Himalayan Salt Pili Nuts shown above are ZERO net carbs.

The timing is perfect because I just FINALLY got to meet Jason Thomas in person at KetoCon last week. He’s the founder of Pili Hunters, or “head nut” as I like to call him, lol. He’s not just an awesome person, he’s a man with a passion – and a purpose.

Pili Hunters: Original Pili Nuts - LCHF Keto Nuts With Purpose and Passion!

Jason’s pili nuts are wild-harvested sprouted and “activated” pili nuts. What that means: “The result is a super-nut with a rich buttery taste, containing magnesium, manganese, and Vitamin B1, and the lowest carbohydrate content of any nut.”

Learn more about Pili Nuts here: What is a Pili Nut?

Not only are they insanely nutrient-rich, they’re also “better than organic.”

In this video Jason demonstrates what it takes to get just ONE pili nut, with every pili fruit shaken out of a tree and each individual nut cracked open by hand with a machete – yes, ONE pili nut at a time:

Pili Nuts Demonstration at KetoCon

Pili Hunters was the first US-based purveyor of sprouted pili nuts, a delicious nut native to the Philippines. They were the first company to bring sprouted pili nuts to the United States.

Jason Thomas, Pili Hunters founder, is a former adventure guide (and an adventurist at heart!) and first tried the delicious nut while kite-surfing in the Philippines.

He then went on a mission to introduce the rest of the world to the nutritious and sustainable Filipino pili nut, bringing his first 15 pound shipment back to share down the west coast.

He’s passionate about pili nuts, about keeping them PURE, about bringing GOOD jobs to the people in the Philippines, and is also working closely with a cancer patient on a keto diet.

It was his passion and his purpose that drew me in, but it was that buttery soft nut that really sealed the deal!

Unfortunately, after seeing Jason’s success with Pili Hunters, and how much people LOVE his product, a lot of knock-offs have entered the scene.

These are “food brokers” that have never even been to the Philippines, who are not passionate about pili nuts or health & lifestyle – or the people of the Philippines.

They’re not Pili Hunters, they’re “money hunters” only.

By choosing Pili Hunters brand you are choosing to support the original, mission-driven company – not some big company just trying to make a buck.

The Philippines are known as a very difficult place to live and the wages can be quite low. Jason is trying to make an impact there. Over the years he has forged a strong relationship with the locals as he works to create jobs in the Philippines.

Jason has a passion to treat them with integrity – higher wages for the hard work they do. “Because we are not a big name wholesaler, we get to be directly involved in the process!” says founder, Jason Thomas.

But that’s not all…

Pili Nut Butter Packets

The wild pili trees they harvest these nuts from are free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and genetic modifications. They are fertilized only by nutrient rich volcanic soil, without any destruction to the natural environment or its water supply.

They also source the highest quality ingredients possible. They use extra virgin non-refined coconut oil, cacao, chilis, and spices – which are all locally sourced from the Philippines as well.

So when I say they’re “better than organic,” now you know what I mean. 🙂

The Pili Hunters nuts are activated too. This means the nut undergoes a soaking process to unlock more nutritional benefits for you…

KetoCon - Jason Thomas of Pili Hunters, famous wild-havested Pili Nuts

Now that you know a little more about the story, the history, and the man behind the Pili Hunters brand… let’s talk about his big buttery soft nuts! ♥

I personally prefer to cook with them. They do make for a GREAT keto-friendly snack, but I really love using them in the kitchen the most – so I’ll share some of my favorite ways to cook with them in a minute too…


The pili nut is a rich, buttery tree nut that is wild harvested from deep within the Filipino rain forest. It’s often described as a cross between a macadamia nuts and cashews, but it’s definitely unique in it’s texture & flavor.

It’s the softest, richest, most butter-like nut I’ve ever tried!

It’s also:

* Highest fat and lowest carb content of any nut
* Rich in magnesium
* Rich in Vitamin E
* High in protein (they contain all the eight essential amino acids!)

Wild-Harvested Sprouted Pili Nuts from Pili Hunters

Pili nuts are a complete protein chock full of several important vitamins and minerals; they have a creamy, rich taste; and they are sustainably harvested.

They also make for beautiful jewelry, like this Pili Nut Bracelet – which is another great example of how they’re using all the resources and creating as many jobs for the locals as they can. 🙂

Pili Nut Jewelry


The Products – And My Favorite Ways To Use Them

Pili Hunters is constantly adding new products to their shop, but the original and by far the most popular product are their delicious line of flavored pili nuts:

Pili Nuts - Low Carb Snacks, the BEST Keto Nuts

The 4-pack Pili Nuts Sampler shown above features their four flavors: original Coconut Oil & Himalayan Salt, Spicy Chili, Turmeric & Black Pepper and Raw Cacao.

While they are GREAT for snacking straight out of the bag, their buttery soft texture and rich flavor makes them IDEAL to use in recipes!

I’ve made delicious candy with them even, aka “fat bombs”…

Pili Nut Candy

Both the Pili Nuts and the Pili Nut Butter pair VERY well with dark chocolate!

But my FAVORITE way to use pili nuts is sauteed in cauliflower rice, especially with the Spicy Chili Pili Nuts. They add such a buttery crunch with just the right amount of kick to perk up boring old cauli-rice! 😉

Low Carb Recipe - Cauliflower Rice & Pili Nuts

They can turn a simple vegetable, like Broccoli Slaw, into a delicious and very filling MEAL too – just by tossing them all together in the skillet and sauteing them in butter for a simple five-minute healthy dinner:

Cooking with Pili Nuts - Low Carb Vegetarian Meal

That’s such an easy way to add those healthy fats & nutrients you need to any dish!

More recently I’ve been experimenting with recipes using the newer Pili Nut Butters.

While I don’t personally like them straight out of the jar, they are GREAT to bake with!

Pili Nut Butter for Keto Baking

Since they are softer than any other nut, they make any low carb recipe more moist and less grainy – so they’re PERFECT for baking with or for making moist & fluffy low carb waffles and pancakes and muffins. 😉

LCHF Blueberry Pancakes with Sugar Free Syrup

I’ll share that recipe with you in the next post, because the original Pili Nut Butter makes the BEST keto-friendly blueberry muffins EVER. And I just tried a new recipe using the new Fungi Fuel Lion’s Mane Pili Nut Butter.

I avoided that one for a long time because it sounded gross -lol. It turns out it’s more like pumpkin spice flavor – not a mushroomy flavor like you’d imagine.

And also because I read up on the benefits of Lion’s Mane!

What I learned: It’s an ancient medicinal mushroom shown to enhance cognitive brain function. There is also research showing that it may: reduce depression & anxiety, protect against cancer and reduce inflammation.

You can learn more about Lion’s Mane here.


Over the last few years I’ve had the opportunity to talk to the founder of Pili Hunters over the phone, by email, and test each of his products as they came out. I have LOVED the story and especially the purpose behind the Pili Hunters company, so getting to meet Jason Thomas in person was definitely a highlight of my trip to Austin!

LowCarbTraveler with Jason Thomas, founder of Pili Hunters

Here’s What I Know…

First, this is my referral link so Jason knows you came on my recommendation: Shop Pili Hunters. Our coupon code is LOWCARBTRAVELER for a discount there.

They’re also available on Amazon but they do have some GREAT sales on their website right now AND we have a coupon code (above) that works on the site – but not on Amazon. 😉

They have a brand new Pili Nut Cookie coming out soon, with a percentage of all sales going to Meagan. She’s a brain tumor survivor that came up with the Pili Nut Cookie recipe because she HAS to live in ketosis. I got to try the new cookies and they ARE delicious!

The Pili Nut Butter is now available in larger 6oz jars, and they are coming out with sample/travel sized packages of the Pili Nut Butter too – just like the sample/travel sized Pili Nuts they already offer.

Just a couple of the deals on the site right now include:

SALE! The pili nut butter prices are officially dropping! Introducing our NEW and IMPROVED Fungi Fuel: now $11.99 (originally $14.99!) It’s packed with the cognitive clarity goodness of Lion’s Mane and tastes like your favorite fall treat. The best part? NO ADDED SUGAR.

You can get Friend Sample Packs for Only $4.00! You can now buy and send your friend your absolute favorite snack – or order these for yourself.:)

1.85 oz Raw Cacao Pili nuts are still over 20% off

You can see all of the new products, and the current sale prices & special offers here:

Shop Pili Hunters

For one of my favorite pili nut recipes, see:

Easy Low Carb Dinner Idea: Cauliflower Rice with Seared Shrimp & Roasted Veggies

The great thing about that recipe ^ is that it’s gluten free, keto friendly, low carb, diabetic friendly, pescatarian – and easily vegetarian or even vegan by replacing the shrimp with seared avocado instead.

It’s a meal you can feed ANY crowd! 😉

So now you’ve heard my thoughts… I would LOVE to hear which Pili Hunters products you’ve tried, how you used them, and which ones you liked best – or any thoughts/questions you have about pili nuts.

And just out of curiosity:

Does the source of your food or the nutrient quality generally play into your decision about which brand or which product you choose to use?

I have to admit, I personally LOVE the idea of supporting such a positive mission that’s making such a BIG impact, and it makes me want to add Pili Nuts into just about any dish I make. Plus they’re just plain delicious. 🙂

Leave a comment & let’s discuss!

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler


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