Why you should re-think your low carb diet

Why you should re-think your low carb diet

Australian dietitian Susie Burrell has revealed five signs you are not eating enough carbs. And with many Australians eating low carb diets, it’s likely thousands are experiencing these signs.

Global Obesity Battle: What You Eat and How You Think

Los Angeles resident Kathleen Mulcahy has been fighting with her weight for 55 years. “My parents had a baby, a son, and he died at birth. I was 7, and I think that was the time I started gaining weight. My mother died when I was 12 very suddenly, and then my…

5:2 diet does not reduce risk of heart disease, despite study’s claims

There is no evidence the 5:2 diet prevents heart disease, despite misleading headlines based on a recent study. Yesterday, various news outlets reported on the results of a comparison between following the 5:2 diet and a standard low-calorie diet. The 5:2 die…

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